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Keep On Truckin'

No matter how hard life gets, you just need to Keep on Truckin'. Now, more than ever, that phrase rings true amid the Novel Caronavirus Covid-19, mass hysteria, hoarding, the toilet paper famine of 2020 trucking and truckies are being recognised as the heroes they are. We hope these bastards creating crap rules that make our lives harder than it should be never forget what truckies are doing doing, and that we do this every day! What truckies are sacrficiing, time with their loved ones, to get supplies to the people of Australia. We think truckies are heroes and we've designed this shirt for the men and women working behind the wheel that are often overlooked, often ridiculed and beaten down. We love all of you truckies and hope you wear this shirt proudly. Keep on Truckin' because Australia needs you!

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